We’re Coconuts for Coconuts!

Did you know that September 2nd was World Coconut Day?

A relatively new “holiday” dating back to 2009, World Coconut Day was created to recognize the economic, health, and cultural benefits of the mighty coconut. 

The history of coconuts in Hawaii is fascinating – a feature so connected to the area is not native to the islands! Rather, coconuts were brought over when Polynesian explorers first ventured to the islands. The versatility of coconuts is a significant part of Hawaiian culture; the leaves can be woven to make hats and baskets, the husks

can be used for tools and instruments, and coconut meat and water is obviously a tasty treat. There are so many distinct uses for the coconut – you’re probably thinking of a few right now!

Molokai is known for its coconuts, now on an international scale! Bai (a soft-drink company) has manufactured an “antioxidant cocofusion” drink named “Molokai Coconut” – one of their best-selling flavors! 

Here on Molokai, the coconut is abundant and cherished. The historic Kapuaiwa Coconut Grove that dates back to the mid-1800s (planted during the reign of King Kamehameha V)  and is known “as one of Molokai’s most recognizable landmarks”! Unfortunately, because of some naturally occurring events, like decaying trees and falling coconuts, the Coconut Grove is fenced off and only visible from afar.

An abundance of coconuts leads to lots of creativity, and one creative way to use coconuts is as postcards! Visit Post-a-Nut located at the post office where you can design, paint, and mail your very own coconut. At this time, guests will have to bring their own coconuts for mailing. An ideal mailing coconut is brown (dried out) and empty – shake it to make sure there isn’t any liquid inside, and make sure there aren’t any holes! Ask our helpful staff at Hotel Molokai for assistance – we’re more than happy to help direct you to the right kind of coconuts, or to someone who can help you find them! It’s a blast, and whoever is on the receiving end of the coconut is sure to be delighted by the unusual and adorable package! (Even USPS is writing about it! 🙂)

photo courtesy of postanut.com

Thanks for reading along, and we hope you learned something! We’ll see you at Hotel Molokai soon – and don’t forget to mail yourself a coconut to commemorate the experience 🙂

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