Slow Down and Savor the Real Hawaii

When you dream of Hawaii, there are a variety of images that come to mind. Beautiful white sandy beaches, tall palm trees with big coconuts, waterfalls, and so on. Molokai has these amazing scenes, but it isn’t quite like you’re imagining…it’s better.

A short flight from Maui, Molokai is described as “the real Hawaii”. Known as the birthplace of Hula, and known for its rich local culture, Molokai remains true to its roots. Aloha is a way of life, and the residents of this island fully embody it. When you arrive, you’ll see a sign that says, “Slow down, this is Molokai” – we firmly believe that’s exactly what you should do! About 38 miles long and 10 miles wide, this small island is jam-packed with breathtaking views and fascinating history. The best way to experience everything there is to offer is to slow down and appreciate what’s around you.

At Hotel Molokai, we do everything we can to embody the Molokai spirit. Our charming rooms offer incredible views, amenities, and everyone is able to access the pool! Hiro’s Ohana Grill, a restaurant attached to the hotel, is the hub for island nightlife and you’ll hear live music when you visit. In addition, you’ll be able to experience the true, authentic Hawaii.

We have to warn you: while Molokai does have the jaw-dropping beauty that you’re dreaming of in Hawaii, it isn’t your stereotypical island getaway. This island is laid-back with an emphasis on respect for locals while experiencing the beauty. With plenty of amazing sights to see and activities to plan, there are also opportunities for “voluntourism” in the area, as well as historical spots.

We hope to see you soon so you can experience this special island. We’re sure you’ll love it like we do!


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