Make the Most of Your Molokai Fishing Experience!

By Michael

February 17, 2020

Molokai is world-renowned for its striking beauty and loyalty to culture and tradition. What many people don’t recognize Molokai for is the quality of fishing found on the island! Visit and find out for yourself!

Molokai is home to the world’s tallest sea cliffs, miles of private beaches, cascading waterfalls surrounded by lush green forests, and so much more. These are the aspects of Molokai that are easily seen and appreciated by visitors regularly. What many tourists may not know is that Molokai has some fantastic fishing! With the right guide, a little skill, and the right conditions, visitors can catch bonefish up to 10 pounds!

A Brief History of Fishing on Molokai

Fishing on Molokai is by no means a new feat. Fishponds made of stone and coral make up one of the more impressive inventions of past, dating back as long as 800 years ago. This innovative use of aquaculture allowed Hawaiians to enjoy bounties of fish by taking advantage of the tides and fish! The openings of these ancient fishponds were big enough to allow young fish to find their ways in, and within the walls were plenty of food and nutrients, plus a safe harbor, so the fish stay within the ponds for a while. After some time, the fish become too big to escape the pond, thus allowing the fisherman to harvest fish to their fill! 

The fishponds are incredibly preserved. Upon seeing them, it’s like looking into the past, but what’s impressive is that this technology could still work today! 

Fish You’ll Find in Molokai’s Waters!

Taking your chances casting off in Molokai’s waters will succeed more often than not! Though many people don’t consider Molokai to be a bonefishing hub (usually considering the Bahamas, Belize, and others), Hawaii has the biggest bonefish in the world! According to Joe Kalima, a native Hawaiian born and raised on Molokai and local fishing guide, the bonefish on Molokai average up to 7 pounds, often exceeding 10 pounds. To quote from his website, “during a typical day of fishing on the reef, you can expect 30-40 legitimate chances at hooking big bones.” 

You’ll have access to a wide variety of fish when you set sail on your fishing expedition. Usually departing from Kaunakakai Harbor, fishers of all skill levels can expect to see marlin, mahimahi, ahi, ono, and more! As GoHawaii writes, “experienced fishermen will love the thrills of deep-sea, big-game fishing in Molokai’s fertile waters, but first-timers will also be in for some fun as Molokai boat captains will help you with everything.” 

Where to Get Started

The most important thing to remember when planning a trip to Molokai is: scheduling time with local guides is the number one way to get the most out of your experience. In addition to knowing all, there is to know about the island, local guides and captains will ensure that you’re respecting local laws and regulations, keeping you from getting lost, and helping you get the most out of every day. Local fishing guides like Captain Clayton Ching of Hallelujah Hou Fishing provide charters for experienced fishers, visitors, families, and more! Check out the video below to see Captain Clay putting his skills to use! Captains like Clayton Ching, Joe Kalima, Joe Reich, and more all dedicate their talents to helping you catch as many fish as you can during your stay on the island! 

Hotel Molokai

We’re looking forward to seeing you here at Hotel Molokai. If you have any questions about anything written above, don’t wait another minute to reach out! We’re here to help you with any concerns or inquiries you may have about your stay. See you soon!