Ka Molokai Makahiki 2020: Keeping Hawaiian Culture Alive

By Michael

January 15, 2020

Ka Molokai Makahiki is a celebration dedicated to Hawaiian traditions and culture. Experience Hawaii on the most authentic island. 

The Hawaiian Islands are believed to have formed 4 to 5 million years ago. Made from ancient volcanoes, Molokai is thought to be one of the older Hawaiian islands (trailing behind Kauai and Oahu) and has been inhabited for centuries. Molokai is considered the “most Hawaiian” island, due to a great number of factors, but in large part because of the local effort to keep their culture and authenticity alive. Ka Molokai Makahiki is a modern interpretation of a Native Hawaiian celebration of Makahiki, “a four-month-long season that…included competitions, ceremonies dedicated to the deity Lono, celebrations of renewal and perpetuation of the life cycle with a prohibition on warfare.” The Makahiki of old was a celebration, marking the end of harvesting season and the beginning of sporting competitions and festivities.

Ka Molokai Makahiki

Ka Molokai Makahiki, founded in 1981, sets forth to maintain authenticity and preserve culture on the most Hawaiian island. With traditional ceremonies, competitions, workshops, and more, all participants are subjected to partake in cultural history. For two days, from January 24 through January 26, 2020, participants will be welcomed to join in all of the activities listed above. More than family-friendly, there are events specifically for children, and this celebration ends with a decathlon for adults only. The organizers of this event, the Ka Molokai Makahiki Organization, are proud to involve “all of Molokai’s elementary schools, middle school, and high school as well as many adults on the island.” 

Photo courtesy of themolokaidispatch.com/35-years-of-makahiki

Emphasis on History

Molokai’s commitment to maintaining tradition and educating the youth about their culture is exactly why this island is so revered and seen as the most Hawaiian. Putting this emphasis on history allows everyone to remember their roots, and more importantly, celebrate them. Learning about Hawaiian traditions and culture is a critical role for all visitors, and we highly encourage all of our guests to gain a better understanding of Molokai’s history before visiting and while on the island. 

Flight past Molokai circa 1935-1940. Photo courtesy of smithsonianmag.com

We hope to see you here soon. 


Cover photo courtesy of Ka Leo o Nā Koa online.


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