Experience Molokai’s Magical Halawa Valley

By Michael

December 2, 2019

Make time to journey to Halawa Valley on Molokai for a spiritual experience you won’t forget.

As we’ve mentioned in previous blogs, Molokai is unlike the rest of the Hawaiian islands. While you’ll see white sandy beaches and palm trees, your experience on the island will be unlike anything you’ve felt before. With the world’s tallest sea cliffs, reefs, waterfalls, unique farms, boutiques, and so much more, we guarantee that you’ll contemplate skipping that plane ride home.

Halawa Valley is a 0.5-mile by 4-mile valley, about an hour from the Hotel Molokai. GoHawaii.com writes, “With many hidden heiau (places of worship) it’s easy to see why this spot…is one of the island’s most historic areas.” The sounds of waves crashing accompany the lush green valley, and the experience is enchanting. While the experience of visiting Halawa Valley is worth every minute of the drive from the hotel, it’s not just the environment, you’ll see. From tropical flowers and fruit to locals dedicated to the island’s history, this journey is one you’ve got to go on.


Tropical Flower Farm

The journey to and through Halawa Valley can be described as views, views, views. But along the way, you’ll find hidden treasures that will transform your experience from visually stunning photographs to memories that you’ll cherish forever. One of these wonderful stops is the Halawa Tropical Flower Farm. Between a flower farm visit and a Halawa tour, you will enjoy your time here. Open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM; you’re welcome to come and explore the farm, though the owners request that you call ahead to ensure that they’ll be available. They say it best, “We believe that our farm is truly nature at it’s best – full of organically grown fruit, vegetation, and flowers,” and we wholeheartedly agree. The flowers, fruits, vibrant colors, and delightful scents make this such a fantastic destination. Kalani, the farm’s owner, also leads tours through the valley and is well known for his smoothies, made with farm-fresh fruit!

If, for some reason, you can’t make it to the farm, you can order a bouquet of these spectacular flowers wherever you call home.

Photo Credit: HulaLand blog

Cultural Hike

Past Hotel Molokai guest and writer, Jim Byers, says, “If you want to get a better understanding of the island and its people, you can’t go wrong with a visit with Greg Solatorio, who runs the Halawa Valley Falls Cultural Hike along with his father, Anakala Pilipo Solatorio.” These lifelong natives of Molokai have dedicated themselves to respecting the old way of life, and reminding you what Molokai is all about. This experience is about appreciating what we consider “outdated” ways of doing things, enjoying nature, and appreciating Halawa Valley in all its glory. It is an intermediate to advanced hike, so keep that in mind before scheduling your trip. The Solatorios dedicate themselves to remembering Hawaiian history and culture, something we encourage everyone to do when visiting the island.

Photo Credit: Halawa Valley Cultural Hike

Not Convinced?

If what we mentioned above isn’t enough to convince you, who knows what will be! But before you leave, check out this review from a recent visitor of Halawa Valley:

“To be sure, Molokai is far different than most everywhere else in the Islands, and Molokai is not for everyone. But the Halawa Valley Falls Cultural Hike is an experience not to be missed. The valley is beautiful, remote, pristine, and the Mo’oula Falls are magnificent. To be able to hike to the falls, swim beneath it, and spend time with Greg Solatorio is something unique that has produced lifelong memories for my family.” -Paul

Your experience on Molokai would not be complete without a trip to Halawa Valley, where you’ll learn about Molokai, Hawaiian history, culture, and possibly even yourself. We look forward to seeing you on your visit.


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