5 Facts About Molokai

Part of the appeal of our lesser-known island is the connection the locals have kept with their ancestors, nature, tradition, and each other. Something we often hear from guests is, “this is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been.” We are so proud to be in such an incredible place, full of history and fascinating facts! In this blog, we’re going to tell you about just 5 of the many fascinating elements that make up Molokai. 


Our island “flower” is the white Kukui blossom!

The Kukui nut tree (also known as candlenuts) produces stunning white blossoms, Molokai’s island flowers! The kukui nut, thought to be introduced to Hawaii from Malaysia or Indonesia, has had a variety of uses throughout history wherever it is present. From nuts being burned for light, to the oil of the kukui being used in salves and lotions, to being made into a paste traditionally used in poke! 



We have an island landmark that legend says helps fertility! 

The landmark is known as “Phallic Rock,” Hawaiian name Ka Ule o Nanahoa (meaning phallus of Nanahoa) is a naturally occurring stone, though the shape has been slightly exaggerated by people over time. The legend claims that this is where fertility god Nanahoa remains and that women who visit will receive his help in becoming pregnant. This unusual feature of Molokai, a short hike from Kalaupapa lookout, is certainly unique! 



Molokai is the 5th largest Hawaiian island!

Many people don’t realize just how many Hawaiian islands there are. Typically, though, it is accepted that there are 6 “main” islands, Hawai’i – the Big Island, Maui – the Valley Island, O’ahu – the Gathering Place, Kaua’i – The Garden Isle, Moloka’i – The Friendly Isle, and Lānaʻi – the Pineapple Isle; sometimes included are Ni’ihau – the Forbidden Isle (where no tourists are allowed), and Kaho’olawe – the Target Isle (population: 0). Because Hawaii comprised of over 100 small islands, Molokai makes 5th on the list at just 38 miles by 10 miles at its largest point! 



The island color is green!

This makes every bit of sense when you visit Molokai – you’ll be struck by the gorgeous greenery on all sides! From Halawa Valley to the soaring sea cliffs, to Kalaupapa lookout and more – stunning, rich greens transform our island into a lush paradise. 



Hotel Molokai is the only hotel on the island! 

Though other hotels have been here before, we are currently the only hotel on this breathtaking island. Built in the 1960s with vintage Polynesian-style bungalows, our hotel wants only to add to the nature and beauty of Molokai instead of distracting or detracting from it. With natural finishes, palm trees, and lanais designed to draw in the trade winds, you’ll find yourself relaxed and at one with your surroundings. 




See you soon!


photo of the Kukui blossom courtesy of https://i1.trekearth.com/photos/5428/dsc09440.jpg
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