2020 Molokai Metric Century Bike Tour – January 18-19, 2020

By Michael

January 13, 2020

We’re so excited to host the 2020 Molokai Metric Century Bike Tour on Molokai! This challenging race draws in cyclists across the state, country, and beyond – maybe we’ll see you here for the 2020 or 2021 race! 

Kalaupapa Lookout
Kalaupapa Lookout

Molokai is an incredibly individual island. One of the United States’ most beautiful landscapes, Molokai is home to lush forests, expansive beaches, and the world’s tallest seacliffs. Though the island is relatively small, winding roads and paths often encourage travelers to take the long way; after all, there’s no rushing here.


The 2020 Molokai Metric Century Bike tour offers cyclists a unique opportunity to explore this unique location. It is self-described as a “rare 100K bicycle tour of the island of Molokai, Hawaii.” Yes, this is a race, and a winner will be named, but more than anything, this event gives participants an exclusive tour of the island.

About the Races 

The Metric Century Bike Tour is an annual event comprised of two races. On Saturday, January 18, riders will participate in the Uphill Challenge. This race will take occur from Holomua Junction and continue to Kalaupapa Lookout. This course is only 5-miles long, but the name of this event tells you everything you need to know: it’s uphill, and it’s challenging! In years past, riders were encouraged to join a comfortable 12-mile cool-down ride, and this year will likely be the same! 


The second event is the Molokai Metric Century Bike Tour on Sunday, January 19. For this event, riders will attempt to ride 62 miles in under 5 hours. The ride is roundtrip, beginning and ending at our proud Hotel Molokai! Perfect for early-risers (or those who want to experience the profound beauty of a Molokai sunrise), the race begins at 7:00 AM. This race is certainly a challenge, and after 62 miles, you’ll be relieved to be back at your hotel room! The first-place prize for this exciting adventure is free admission into the Molokai Metric Century Bike Tour in 2021! 

Photo courtesy of Molokai Metric Century Bike Tour 2018.

Register and Save

Registering for this unique event is easy. Download and return the registration form! You can even register day-of at the event. It’s important to note that registration is non-refundable, but we guarantee you won’t change your mind! If you aren’t able to attend, proceeds benefit the Kualapu’u Public Conversion Charter School and will help them with academic and extended-day learning programs. 


The island has worked together to provide discounts and make it easy for you to join us. Get a discounted bike rental by mentioning “Kualapu’u Bike Ride.” Even Hotel Molokai is joining the fun! Book now and use the code “RIDE” for 20% off your stay during the Metric Century Bike Tour. 

See you soon!

This fantastic event is not only helping a local school, but it truly is a magical bike tour of Molokai. We understand that this event is fast-approaching, but we highly encourage you to join if you can! And if you’re unable to make it, there’s always next year. Learn more about Hotel Molokai and our beautiful island.


Cover photo comes from allevents.in. 


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